And the Crow Cries

When the leaves began to change to autumnal colors of crimson,
And in the spring when the flowers bloom’d and the grass grew lush and the junipers blue  
When the sun set on the pueblos 
And the haunt of the blushing mountain foretold not her passion
The crow cried. 

In the brush of the wind 
Nothing gave sign-
But a crow in a conifer keen. 

The crow that quietly cried
At the sect of sleep and sleepless not 
Only the sigh of the weight of the tree 
The wind that blew this banging door 
This palpitating heart alone on a porch

Only these signs were given:
The cry of a crow 
And the sigh of a heart 
That sees beyond the realm 
That is not yet extant. 

The crow cried a year 
To a stucco house 
Up in an empty nest
For an empty tree 
At the dawn of day 
At the dusk and break 
At the tide of the moon 
The crow did cray 
And only this sign was given 

Swept away are the troubles of yesterday
Swept away the ‘morrow   
And swept away the people
And only the crow still cries for me 

At the crack of dawn 
At the break of day 

Of all that shall pass 
She, lone,in her wisdom, treacherous cries!
If only they’d listen 
To her desolate whines! 
On crumpled leaves, 
She rests. 
Laden with sorrows and prayers to the ethers 
Incommunicable sighs. 

Forever she cries  
To those whom unbeknownst stroll 
Upon the fickle fleeting lanes 
They decipher not her omen 
They heed not her boding
For know est not her tongue tied cries 
She weeps for those whom go est 
She, yoked with sorrows 
Sees forth them roam 
Their brevid lives 

Oh, thee phantasmal spirit!
Thee haunt of portent! 
Take your tragic decree 
And flee from me!

Thee, heavy hung 
With heavy doom 
And dire song 
And laments true 
Flee from thy barren sterile trees! 
Flee from this fallow ground!
Flee from my mind a go from me 
And take thy news of plagal creed  
Away with thee! 
Wings of raven,
Depart from me!
Bewail not, these lands of fortitude 
Of steel intransigence
Bemoan not concrete passages 
Nor wail within this province!

Flee thee
Herald of Hadees 
Emblem of Thanatos 
Your very voice is venom 
Your very voice a horrid ghost. 

Blight of our humanity 
Cry not 
Cry not 
Your truth to me!
Flee thee lone crow out of these terrestrial bounds 
Tell not your tales of misery!
Tell not your profane plaint! 

Thou, clamor of the underworld 
Spectacle of hate! 
Messenger of necrosis 
Flee ever far from thee 

Cares not for your monodic melodies 
Heed not their folly not their fate 
Sing not your requiem!

Still the crow cries in the autumnal leaves 
While we forget the sight of thee 
And the crow cries for calamity 
Into oblivion 

Despise’d plumes of pestilence 
Cry not 
Cry not to me  

Reek not to me
Your wretched plea
Creature of portent and cacophony
Born on a still blood lunar eve,
The sound, the cackle, the cry of thee! 
Thy curs’d creature 
Harbinger of fatality 
Hail not thy cries nor heed thy static tones 
Din of decimation! 

Flee- from thy tree and summer zephyrs
Leave with the draft of dusk 
Return not nor ever hail respite 
Fly from thy nest of vacancy 
Cast only into vagrancy 

Cry to the firmaments of Elohim 
But cry not to us, humanity.
We shall not bear the sight of thee 
We shall not heed the sighs of thee 
Flee from humanity 
And the crow cries still to me. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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