I sing and it’s not beautiful

I sing and it’s not beautiful.
I sing because of solace
I sing because of space
Because of how it’s sacred
Alters these senses with her grace
Because of the peace she gives me
Because she lends faith and hope and love
I sing
Because it heals me
I sing to my God above

I sing,
And it’s not, yet, beautiful
It's raw and unrefined.
I sing knowing it's not beautiful
Sowing seeds, knowing someday
It will be,

Someday this soul will heal
Someday this voice will tell her loveliness
Someday she shall sound, withheld not by sullen fears

Creative expression!
Joy, voicing her presence!
I believe someday her love will show
She shall soon shine out
I sing knowing it's still not beautiful
But someday she will be!

Version Two (communal/depersonalized)

Sing Unbeautifully!
Dance Ungracefully
Rhyme Arrhythmically
Sing Unbeautifully

Because Of How It Brings Solace, Space And Sanctity
Because It Alters The Senses With Grace
Because Of How It Lends Faith An’ Hope An’ Place

Sing Unbeautifully
Raw And Unrefined.
Sing Knowing It's Not Beautiful
Sing And Sow Your Seeds!
Knowing Someday The Sound May Be Unbounded,
Beautiful And Sweet!

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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