God . . . 


I’ve forgiven. So then why aren’t I free?

Are you still resenting?

Yes and?

You're charging penance:
With interest, with dimes. 

You’re charging penance:
For worth 
Already replaced 
For time 
Already vested 
For value 
For which I’ve made my trade.  

You’re charged interest
For the hurt that you've felt.
You’re charging interest 
On crimes that you've dwelt 

Forgiveness is freedom from debt. 
Of which, you do not collect 

But Lord!
How can I ignore stolen years!
Stolen goods!
Stolen worth! 
Stolen parts?
Stolen hearts?

You're charging interest,
And forgiveness is free.
Leave it alone 
This money is no good to me

But God! 

Do not charge interest. 
Ask instead for whom you may pray. 
Tithe your love 
Tithe your time  
Stop trying to charge 
I’ve forgiven all crimes 
Instead say:
Yes, God
Pray an’
Pay me your mind
In the kindness of loving 
In the life that you lead 
If there is a debt-
It is a debt that from you, I’ve freed

If there is a debt  . . .
let it be a debt of you to be loving 
For you to be good 
For you to show sunlight to your neighbors and woods. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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