Razor Eyes

Be Careful How You Judge Yourself 
 For With That Razor Eye  
 That Sanguine Glass  
 From Which You See This World Become Clouded,
 By And By.
 Be Kind To Yourself 
 For Those Hands Can Harm 
 More A Hurting World 
 If Lacking Healing In Their Tendons And Their Guise. 
 Be Sweet To Your Soul
 For You Need A Strong Heart 
 To Help Those Without Hope
 Be Good To Yourself 
 So That You Will Have Lighter Hands
 Free-Er To Hold

How you see yourself determines how you interact with your world and the realities around you. When you are chronically self-critical, overly judgmental of your own body image, grades, work, relationships— you project this onto the people around you. If you hate yourself, you must learn to walk and talk with your shadows. Otherwise, you will project unkindness into the corner of the world that you reside in.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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