Dear Singular Person

Dear singular person
This is for us
A song for the hurting
For those who don't trust

Dear singular person
These poems are for you
Dear singular person
I think often of you

Dear similar person this is for you!
Do you know that we love you?
So, much
Yes we do!

Dear singular person,
I promised to help!
I promised to God
To leave something cleaner
To help you get through!
Dear singular person I pray often for you

For this world is dying
Impregnated with pain. . .
Impermanent and seeking 
 Most often ill gotten gain.

Dear singular person.
Or plentiful two
I hope these poems help you!
I pray this.
Yes, I do!
I sing, and I write and I dance and look to the skies. 
Try it!
It will you 
It will help you get through! 
Dear singular person 
Or plentiful two
I pray these words help you 
To love you 
Yes I do!
Yes I do!

If you ever read this. If you’re ever in pain. I hope these words help you get through any and all pain. For me creative expression is holistic healing. Everything that has brought me joy has always had some form of artistry in it. Love, friendship, prayer, these all have art and magic in them too. I hope that when reading these poems—– I hope everyone who reads these— may gain some inspiration, peace, or joy from them. Sometimes they are a little silly and a little naive! I write like a child sometimes . . I know this. Yet the child is the ultimate rebel. A child is creative and imaginative in a world that no longer values this so ten my poems are sickeningly,sweet,sometimes cutesy just know that is my rebellion in a world that no longer always sees honesty and innocence as essential virtues.

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The Silent Singer

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