Education Does Not Matter

those in power say
but we still hear your voice
at the end of the light of day.

Education Does Not Matter
 Let Your Talents Go To Waste
 We’ll Fill Up The White Space
 With Others—
 We Think More Great!

 Education Does Not Matter
 When You Can’t Speak Your Mind
 Nor Profess Your Truths In Your Ancestral Scrib'd Rhyme
Education Does Not Matter . .
 In A World That Only Looks
 At Those Who Speak Their Grammar Good.
 It's Here We Mitigate Our Impact 
 With Theory Intent On Someday Doing, 

Education Does Matter
It’s where we speak our mind
It’s where we learn
to put our humanity into this scrib'd rhyme

Education is how we have a voice. . . 
In a world that only looks
At those who speak the grammar good.
It's here we develop the gifts given to us for good 

Everyone has a piece of the truth
A teacher said to me
But it’s how we speak it
Then that gives credit
So people might believe.

But I don't need a fancy title

Right here.
I am of service


I am full of song

Right here.
I can make a difference
For those who are not strong.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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