If you elect to judge me by my breasts-
 I will cover them. 

If you harass me because I have legs- 
I will screen them. 

But know this.
Just because you have touched me-
Does not mean you have won me. 

I may be covered.
But my heart I do wear bare.
Undeterred by your terror-
I still wave my long hair 

Why do you think you may disrespect me?
Do you know not about your Genesis?
How God made all us fair?

Why do you think I am more Christian 
If I were to donate all my lace?

Donate all your leather 
Man, stop getting in my space!

You may think I’m easy 
To use and cast aside. 
Because just like a child, 
I still wear glitter on my eyes. 

You treat me ever different 
When a skirt or dress I wear. 

It matters not to me. 
That your obsessed with chastity. 
but unclean at the core. 
I know my heart’s identity 
is not determined by 
the dress I leave when I walk out this door!  

Version 2 
 If You Elect To Judge These Breasts
 We Will Cover Them. 
 If You Harass These Legs- 
 We May Screen Them. 
 Covered Skin And Also Covered Hearts
 Undeterred By Your Terror
 Bare Not Our Waving Hair 
 Leather, Lace Lack Chastity? 
 Know This.
 You May Think We’re Easy:
 To Use And Cast Aside. 
 Because Just Like A Child. 
 Girls Are Easy Easy 
 We May Wear Glitter On Our Eyes. 
 Differential Treatment Based On Her Length Of Skirt 
 It Matters Not To Us. 
 That Your Obsessed With Chastity. 
 But Unclean At The Core. 
 We Know Our Hearts’ Identities
 Is Not Determined By 
 The Dress We Leave In When We Walk Out This Door.  

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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