Colors and Sparkles

Colors and Sparkles. I’ll wear on my eyes. The last crystal remnant of cries now cried unforgotten. In honor of color I wear bright speckles of light. They remind me of brilliant and inquiet nights. The sparkled that glimmer allow me to dream. On my face when I wear them. Ere pleasant to me. Forever the plastic that brightens my face. Look over my shoulder and heavenwards hence. The luminant radiance that brings me to peace. Underneath the present of my eyes. Hides horrid sadness that slowly should die. For against brilliant colors against fragrant hues. Can stand not the sorrow nor yield to the pews. Though a theif in the night. To my screen door did broke and banged in the night while my heart frightened woke. Awoke on my eyes at all hours the scattered drops that shown light and saw I not fear. For against the red hues of a rose hold and bright the palor less pale and the eyes shown forth their might. Yes we’re color and glimmer did shatter the dullness did shatter the sullen did break down this fear and this grief that stole through the night. This is why ere I wear sparkles and colors on my eyes. And see into the world a world more of light. Find within it the beauty. Find within it more brillance more light. I have specks in my eyes of tones and of pastel and various blends. I have specks in my eyes see I not clearly therein. So in action do I react with more live and more radiance more faith and more truth to a world that I see speckled more Rosy teal and more blue. Shame you may God give me for childish thought and for donning an emblem that should be long gone. yes seeing more roses more sun beams more moon.refuse I to resent the world that may muddier be.see I the world in a strange twinkle and gleam…..

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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