Always, We Knew

Always, We Knew 
 We Were Square Price Of Circular Puzzles. 
 Talking And Dreaming With Angels. 
 Who Joke They May Take Us Too Soon. 
 Always There Was Darkness And Light Present Within Us
 The Light Took A Watering Can And Decided To Bloom. 
 But The Darkness Took Not The Water. 
 And Instead Of Extinguished It Went Boom. 
 And It Took Many Nights Of Solitude And It Took Our Strength Of Mind. 
 And It Wore Us Down So Endlessly 
 And Nothing We Could Do Would Change The Moment,
 Nor Could Change The Doubt. 
 That Someday Too Soon Our Flames May Quick Burn Out 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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