Rosalie who fell from the moon

There Once Was A Girl
 Shrouded In Blue
 Rosalie Stole A Stone
 And Fell From The Moon
 With Raindrops She Fell
 Into Clovers And Daisies Adazed
 And Dandelion Fields
 And Snow Capped Willowed Grazes
 The Girl With The Brown Silhouette Eyes. 
 Took Not With Her Tears-
 Long Past Had Cried. 
 When Around Her She Saw Only Monsters And Gloom 
 She Took With Her Petals
 Into A World anew
 Fell The Girl Shrouded In Blue. 
 The Maiden- 
 She Took With Her Only Sweet Beautiful Things.
 Took With Her Only Sweet Beautiful Things.
 If Some Create Monsters 
 And Some Create Hell
 She Created A Mist Of Brilliant Bright Colors Of Which Into She Fell. 
 In The New Land The Creatures Had Brilliant Silk Skin
 Iridescent And Shining Of Every Color Therein
 This Girl When She Fell:
 Fell into a meadow of Amber, Ruby, and brass 
 All Out fell Her Dress 
 her hair-Fluttering Sweet
 This Woman With The Glorious eyes
 Of Diamonds, Emeralds Soil And Sprout
 She Walked With Her Head Head Brilliantly High 
 Her Lips Large Kissed
 The Sun And Blooms And Buds That All Covered The Land
 This Woman She Prayed Along With The Earth And The Sand
 And From Her Spot Of Squishy Sweet Earth-
 She Heralded The Band Of The Zwanders.
 Now The Zwanders Are A Breed Of Speckled Small Things 
 Their Fluff Crossing Over The Lake And The Bluff. 
 They Like To Eat Purple Beets 
 And Get All Ruffed Up. 
 The Zwanders Wander Happily 
 Along The Trail And Ruff. 
 Sometimes Their Tough Purple 
 Pickles Green 
 When They Smile 
 At The Miracle Of Innocent Things. 
 Nonsensical Creatures Of Purple Green Cerulean 
 The Creatures That Sing 
 But Only On Wing
 For How Can One Sing 
 Weighted With Suffering 
 It's When We Are Free That A Soul Is In Glee
 Young Child Do Know?
 That She Fell From The Stars
 Her Skin Shows The Scars
 She From Afar
 With The Riveting Skin Of Mars.
 Scintillating Sensation 
 The Girl When She Fell 
 Out Of The World 
 And Into A Mind 
 Beautiful Whole And Well
 This Girl That Dances Beneath The Coniferous Trees
 Whose Dress Holds the magick of chrysanthemums 
 This Girl When She Runs
 And She Scrapes Up Her Knees
 And The Blood Runs Thick And Ivory Green.
 In Her World She Could Not Leave The Troubles And Griefs.
 So Into Her Mind She Took Solace And Sleep.
 For In Our Heads We Are Owners Of Things
 We Create With Our minds,
 Eyes, Our Ears And Our Cries
 We Create Beauty Or Tears
 We Bear The Weight Of Our Dreams And Our Fears
 This Silly Girl
 With The Brown Writers Eyes
 That Crease In The Bottoms
 Like crescent moons 
 Darkened by Graphite or ink 
 Reminders of the sacred wand held beside her
 This Silly Girl With The Eyes
 That See
 The Things That Surround Her
 The Things Yet To Be.
 She Could Not Take The white Dress They Gave Her 
 The absence of color or stain? 
 So Into Her Mind She Created A World 
 More To Favor 
 A World With Less labor
 Nor Sadness
 Sole Song
 This Girl With The Ribbons And Gay Golly Songs
 For Those Who Said It Is Wrong To Live In A Dream?
 When The World Is A Burning
 And Lost All Its Streams?
 For Who Said Its Wrong That She Lives In A Dream
 That Girl That Thinks Only Sweet Lovely Quaint Things
 In Her Simple Word
 That Lacks Sadness And Grief
 Yet Speaks To All With Its Joy And Its Seeds?
 This Girl Cut The Thorns Of The Brier And Rose
 The Girl That Sings Songs
 But spurns spinning Sullen Prose
 Why Cry And Grieve?
 She Chose To Live In A Song, In A Dream
 Here Where The Flowers Fade Not
 By The Wayside Of The Land Of Nodding Tamlot
 Her communal castle Moored By The Shivering Leaves Of The Springtime Primetime Summertime Breeze
 Here The Girl Along By The Nayside
 Alive And Pray'n Wide Eyed
 The Girl By The Land Of Notting Tamlot
 She Paints The Leaves
 Gold Checkered Clocked
 And The Green Velvet Grass That Brushes Her Breast
 Waves Shyly To Her
 With Equal Respect
 The Girl Who Lives With The Chorus Of Colorful Creatures
 With Sage Seers And Teachers
 All Down By The Gweakers
 The Gweakers Where Gweeks The Gwolden Sween Geens
 They Gawk By The Gweeks Of The Zwanders On Zwings
 She Sings With The Sweek Of The Golden Gween Gweakers
 The Zwanders On Zwings
 She Dances The Dance
 Of The Swandering Preacher
 That Sways By The Side Of Soo Loo And Leaker
 In A World Of Zillions And Zuns
 She Dances Unabashedly Beneath Thee Emerald Sun
 She Knows Though Their World Is Beaten Or Boo
 That In Her Head She Sees Only God And The Coos
 The Cockle-Keys Cockled And Coos
 The Qweens Of The Qwillionth Qwetineth That Croon

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The Silent Singer

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