A year’s gone by.

A Years Gone By
A Years Gone By Without Your Pretty Eyes
Crying To The Night
Who Knew This Year Would Have Brought So Many Tears?
If We’d Known-
Might We Have Held Each Other Closer?

Leaving Places With Stagnant Hearts
This Year When Our Hearts Broke
Every Night When Our Tears Flowed
This Heart Breaks Anew
At The Recognition Of Missing You.

Moving Alone
Who Would Have Known?
That Everyone We Love Would Be In So Much Pain?
That Our Hearts Would Be Tearing At The Seams?
Devastatingly Broken
Destructed Realities
Singing Our Sorrow To Shadows
Telling Stories To The Rain.
We Are All Leaving.

A Year Has Passed Us By
And I Think We Have Cried Out All Our Tears
A Year Has Passed Us By
And We’ve Said Broken Salutations
Departed Without Graduations And Celebrations
We’ve Talked To Shadows
Fought With Mirrors
Yelled At The Wind
Wept To Our Beds

What Kind Of Year Has Passed-
That Breaks Us In Quarters, Not In Halves?
I Still Cry Myself To Sleep
I Still Can’t Breathe.
Still, The World Keeps On Spinning
We Keep Walking
We Keep Moving
We Keep Living

In The Midst Of Our Pain
Of The Unanswered Phone Calls

And Endless Rain

A Year’s Gone By

A Year’s Almost Gone By
But Summers On Its Way And Soon Well Be Past These Bygone Days.
Oh, Summers Almost Here.
We Will Make It Past These Tears.
If We Had Known That This Year We’d Have Become Our Fears And Tears
But We’ll Move On
And The Sad Spring Will Soon Give Way
To Summer’s Brighter Days

Capo 5 G C G D G C G E G

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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