Leaving you

 When we leave each other  
 Will you miss me?
 As much as I miss you?
 Does your heart break 
 A little?
 As I'm going?
 Or is it just me, not you?
 That gets a little broken each time I’m away from you 
 Will you miss me when we leave one another?

 Do you love me
 Like I so do love you?
 Blood of mine 
 My heart is torn in two. 
 Do you love me dearly? 
 Or when I depart can you easily 
 Erase me from your world 
 Do you love me
 Like I love you?

 Does it break your heart in two 
 That we must depart too soon?
 will you move on 
 Or will you linger 
 And hold fast our memories
 Do you still love me?

 Should I have loved at all?
 Secrets and silence are less hurtful 
 than unreturned phone calls. 
 Will you still love me when we part?
 Will we think of each other 
 And the memories shared 
 As time passes 
 Or will we no longer care?
 Will you miss me?
 Will you love me?
 Will we still call?
 Are you so used to people leaving?
 you can't allow yourself to get
 All swelled up and teary-eyed 
 At the thought of losing us. 
 Though I love you deeply 
 I'm afraid I loved too much 
 And when I leave 
 You will forget Me 
 Or love me not as much.  

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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