When the Rain Goes Away

When The Rain Goes Away 
 We Will Go Down To The River 
 After The Meadows Dry 
 Gather Dandelions And Clovers
 When The Rain Has Stopped 
 And The Sky Is Bowed 
 We’ll Run Through The Prairie 
 Whisper Songs To The Winds 
 Until The Earth Is Cold 

 Until The Rain Stops 
 We Will Seek Shelter 
 From Its Hail 
 Set Our Clothes To Dry Beside The Fire 
 As We Sew And Darn Our Tears Rent 
 Wash Our Tattered Coats And Muddied Boots
 Fashion Our Garments
 With Stronger Thread

 When The Rain Goes Away 
 We Will Meet Beside The Moon
 When The Floods Have Calmed 
 And The Crickets Chirp 
 We Will See Each Other Soon. 

 While The Rain Pounds And Passes Over 
 We Shall Mend Our Broken Hearts. 
 Sew Our Smiles In The Silence Of The Thunder 
 When The Rain Passes Over 
 We Will Find Each Other
 Shining In The Day 
 Or Glowing The Dark. 
 Collecting Stars And Memories 
 When The Rain Goes Away

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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