Chorus of Light

forged by light. 
in a dark world shaken
grounded in grace.
in our many colors, timbres, and cultures.
we voice in unity and suspend our sonic identities.
grounded brought back to the basics of:
learnt again humbled as a child
how to breathe amidst obscurity
the greyness
at the break of day
fear not the shadows that fall about us

always connected from two sources:
the earth and the stars
release the sound to float towards the heavens and reach in a more noble posture than that which is our selves.
grind our feet into the depths of the seas and the mud of the earth.
searching endlessly for fuller breath
and fuller peace

see not that which is an affront
but rather the unfathomable seas
and the hallowed feet of muddy earth

In this room . . .
sound shakers
agents of change
moving energy, physically audibly
we push and we pull
and if you stand very close
hear the chords lean and
the parts glide and float
sing very close
our partners we feel
the soft gentle pulsation of dissonant air
when the mind and soul come into consonance cultivate sounds into stories of love and chiaroscuro
the balance of light and dark
constantly we seek a balance
a choir
is a community of light
into the dawn and dusk
we carry sounds and sentiments
connected to the earth and the sky
we feel all sounds
resonate with people, nature, and the symphony of sounds
that is our communal life
a world that began perhaps founded on strings
or sacred breaths.

un coro es una comunidad de la luz
lleva en la oscuridad
entre de la penumbra y crespesculidad
conectada a la tierra y el celeste
sentamos todos de los sonidos
la resonancias de la gente, el mundo, la vida

apaga la luz
Turn on the lights
For it's too dark in here
cast out the darkness and sorrows
with the sweetness of ethereal strings
and voices controlled by the ticking of the deep

apaga la luz
it's too dark in here
there's too much fear
sound the harp!
sound the chords
Let them fill this room just like a cathedral
Gather the chorus to
call out the darkness
with the songs of our hearts

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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