The Unattended Soda Can in the Back of a Chevrolet on a Warm Midsummers Day.

Soda Pop
 a soda can in the back of a Chevrolet  
 That’s been rolled around too many times 
 tossed and tumbled against the chipped white paint and rust 
 That’s sat in the sun too long 
 That’s seen too many humid nights 
 And too many sticky days 
 When you open it
 The sweetness has faded 
 To a tang
 The carbonations either fizzled out 
 With the heat of this midsummer’s day
 When you open it 
 quite shaken up 
 It might combust 
 Pop pop pop 
 Sweetness spilled contents 
 Sucrose spit 
 And carbon whizz 
 Failed function and failed rhyme
 lone busted can 
 Shaken and heat up 
 Loosed can
 A passive fizz 
 Burst bubbles long fled. 
 Soda can 
 Tossed and busted 
 Fizzed out 
 crushed in 
 Why drink this soda can that pops within your hands?
 That taste of disappointment 
 That spits and that spats 
 Pop pop pop 
 Goes the sweetness of this busted can 
 Get a milkshake
 Or a beer 
 But not this soda 
 That sadness has seared. 
 Leave the soda to pop
 A fallacy of freshness 
 What happens to soda?
 If you shake it, roll it? 
 And leave it to sit. 
 In the heat of the summer 
 In the sweat of the eve?
 The soda will pop and fizz out 
 Explode or combust 
 Or loose fast it’s bubbles 
 Pop, pop, pop goes the can 
 What happens to a soda 
 You shake in your hand 
 For a joke 
 For a mistake 
 It pops at the click of the ring of the tab 
 Don’t drink from the can
 That is shaken and tossed  
 What happens to soda that gets shaken up?
 That spills over and rolls out?
 Pop, Pop goes the soda. 
 That’s been shaking up
 Drink not from its curl 
 Its pop top 
 Is faded 
 Fizzed out 
 Sip not from this soda 
 It is not what it ought. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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