body born of electricity
 veins of excess energy
Slow your pace
for the heart can't keep the frenetic pulse 
of your arrhythmic mind
reset your circadians
modulate the beats
to a meter steady, slower 
rest a moment between each note 
alter this asymmetric frequency 
Heart that keeps such rapid time. 

Bata Bata Bata 
hasta que tu falta. 
Bata Bata Bata 

slower, corazon 
permit a moment's pause 
lest your weak valves leak and wither 
prolapse and leave your langushed 
monitor these waves and circuitries 
slow your wild race.

negotiate your pace, and meter
Keep a steady tune. 

Beat Beat Beat 
with a steady time
correct this unkind flutter
and myopathic boom. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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