Cry For The Chrysanthemum

Cry For The Chrysanthemum 
 Who Is Torn Apart 
 A Mechanism Of Discovery 
 The Corpse Of Curiosity 
 Falls To The Hands ‘Infallible’ 
 For Purposes ‘Humane’
 To See If An In Vitro Process Of Cutting Her Tissues 
 Would Allow Other Weeds More Beauty And More Grace.

 They Tried Out Root Induction 
 And Media Sterilization 
 Jasmonic Salicylic Acid
 And Ethanol Injections 
 They Took Apart Her Sepals 
 Stamens, Petals And Tissues 
 Microscopic Lacerations 
 To See If A More Low Cost Economy Could Be 
 From The Destruction Of Each Tissue And Separation Of Florets 
 Across The Petri Dish And To See 

 Cut Cut 
 Trim Trim 
 And Prod 
 Rip And Riddle 
 Cut Cut And Prune 
 Yes Take A Knife To Thine Own Floral Soul 
 And Beat Thy Stems With Fearful Blows 

 Hold The Sun  
 Then Shade Its Rays  
 Take Thy Hands And Feel Thy Pain 
 Slit The Roots 
 Inter Not Thine Hands In Infernal Spout Rather Extend Their Reaching Leaves 

 Force Thine Vines To See Two Shades 
 Shades Lost Within Dichotomies 
 Venomous Kiss Unblessed 
 Before Thou Crumbles And Croons In Rage

 Don’t You Know? 
 That Death It Brings 
 To Seek Perfection In All Things 
 And To Seek For Consolation 
 The Price Of Economic Sanitation 
 Don’t They Know That Death It Brings-

 To Consume 
 All Living Things. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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