Dandelion Fields

Dandelion Fields
Thousands On Thousands Of Wishes, Wishes, Wishes
Fill A Vacant Field Aside Windy Windows
Little Lions Looking Up
Mirroring The Shining Sun
Brushing, Burning, Beautifully
Petals, Sepals Hollowed Stems
Sweetly Squatting Beside Glossy Velvet Grass
Delightful Batches
Patches Of Glee Agleam
With Cousins Near And Far
Yea Why Do The Wise Wind Whispers Rumors Of Thee?
Ravenous Beasts:
They Say Your Rough Roots Make All Flee
But For Blind Love Still Do The Children Gather Thine Bouquets
Dreamy Whimsical Brightness Joy
Dandy Dandelion Who Dilly Dally Away The Day
Some See A Seething Weed
Perennial Love,
Nearby Blameless Bluebells
See Cistern Nuisance In Thy Pith?
But, Blind To Their Blasphemy,
The Clovers Love You Quick
Yea Thine Children Love Thy Frame Still
Friend Of Chrysanthemum, Clover, And Myth.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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