Fragile Flowers

Fragile Flowers?

 They Want Us Fragile, Clean And Delicate 
 A Vase They’d  Fill With Our Bright Bulbs   
 Drowned Tulips
 Soon Take To Wilting
 Or Maybe They Shall Wax Our Glories Still   

 Delicate Trophies   
 Blooming Next To Blades Blown In The Breeze 
 Or Maybe They Want Bigger Petals To Hold Their Dew-Dropped Lips  

 Unbalanced Flowers 
 Easily Seen And Picked  
 But We Know They Like Us Fragile
 They Hope To Hide Us, Delicate Away 
 To Make Us Into Crowns Or Ornaments  
 To Hang Upon Their Trees 
 Possession Of The Delicates  
 They Will Not See Us Weak
 Incognizant Of Our Joy And Lived Experiences
 Our Piths And Of Our Miens. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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