Tell Me Please-

Tell Me, Please-
 Does This Grief Get Lighter?
 This Dreadful Weight?
 Tell Please-

 Does This Grief Get Louder? 
 Will Life Not Hush The Tears Away? 
Tell Please-
 Will It Ever Stop- 
 The Fear Of Losing Them Again?

 Tell Please-
 Is It Better To Stop Loving  
 So That When They Leave,
 We Still May Breathe? 

 Tell Please
 Is It Best To Lock This Heart?
 Better Than To Bare It Free?
 Open To More Misery?

 Tell Please
 Does It Go Away?
 Get Brighter?
 Will It Fade?

 Tell Please
 How To Live Again 
 Without Their Presence Here?

 Tell Please
 When You Love Someone
 And They Walk Away-
 Does Your Heart Falter Just A Little
 Fearful They May Not Return That Day?

 How To Carry On
 Eyes Full Of Sadness  
 Absent Of Song 

 When Do We Wake Again
 Without This Heavy Weight?

 Does It Get Better?
 Do You Heal?
 How Do We Not Feel So Deeply?

 When Are We Not Drowning?
 When Will We Feel
 And Celebrate The Memories 
 And Dream And Sleep And Be Again.

 How To Honor Them?
 How To Not Feel So Very Blue?

 How To Hurt Less 
 And Stop The Pounding Of Our Heads.. 

 Tell Please
 If We Run Away 
 Changed Houses, Names, Or Towns 
 Would We Feel Different, Or The Same?
 Tell Me
 Do You Ever Stop Weeping?

 Tell Me How To End Our Communal Grieving 
 And To Begin Again 
Our Meaning And Our Being

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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