Broken Girl

Broken Girl
Young Curvaceous Girl
With Mead And Amber Hair
Eyes Aglow
She Holds Hell And Heaven In Her Hands

She The Base
Competes For State,
Poignant Tresemme, Shaving Cream
Tiny Ringlet Curls
The Porcelain Doll With Blushing Cheeks
Green Eyes That See Things Beyond Your Dreams

Sunshine, She, Dances.
She Paints Worlds-
Shakes With Excitement
Suddenly The Noises Louder
She Sees Not The Room Grow Darker
Moonshine Blackness
Stabbing Needles In Her Translucent Velvet Arms.
Her Head’s In Stitches Now

You’re Done
No More
The Doctors Say
You May Not Dance
It's Not Allowed
You May Not Walk

Nor Feel To Proud
Did You Know Sweet Sister That Was The Last Time You Would Dance So Joyfully?
Did You Know Sunshine That People Would Try To Dim You?
Did You Know Walking Would Be Wearisome?
That Energy Would Fade And The Day Seem More Dreary-Dum.

Would You Have Danced More?
Would You Have Ran More?
If You Had Known It Could Not Be So Again?

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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