Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Heels.

Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Heels. 
 Quick Take My Heels!
 He’s Calling The Police. 
 My Flats Are In The Backseat. 
 Please Take My Goddamn Keys. 
My Sister Drove A Sports Car
 The Most Mobility She Had 
 And With Her Sweet Long Curly Waves 
 She Looked Like A Movie Queen 
 My Sister Loved To Dream 
 It Was Her Joy To Drive. 
 Handi Stickers Make Her Cry  

 But On On Mother's Day 
 This Old Man 
 He Said My Sister Stole Some Land 
 Mustard Dress With Honey Curls 
 He Saw Venus In A Whirl
 This Old Man Said Strip The Heels.
 Glowing Green Clover Eyes With Swirls Of Caramel Clouds 
 Beauty Was Her Disguise
 Though Much Misfortune Held Her Eyes
 Beautiful Broken Girl Unseen. 
 Tossed By The World Without Relief 
 Does Anyone See You?
 Does Anyone Care?
 About The Pain You Always Bear

 Three Times A Month 
 These Old Man Say 
 To Strip The Heels 
 And Keep Her Sun At Bay
 For Beautiful Girls Can’t Be In Pain 
 And Spanish Girls With Speeding Cars 
 Are Liars Don’t Ya See--

 The Old Men Jealous For Her Beauty 
 Try To Damn and Don Her In Her Grief 
 Until She Falls In Front Of Them 
 Or Unless Shes In Her Splints 
 They Pull Up On At Her Windows 
 And Spit At Her Glass 

 Not All Disabilities Are Always Visible 
 Some Come And Go 
 They Don't Relent 
 And People Think That Beauty 
 Means A Lack Of Pain 
 Or That Those Pained Can Not Be Beautiful 

 For How Could They Bear The Rain?

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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