For Years I Had This Image In My Head
 Falling, Losing Crawling Falling
 But Where I Fell The Ground Was Sweet
 There Was Honey And Mead
 Where I Fell Was Safe And Warm
 Like Loving Arms
 I Thought That I Was Falling Down
 I Grasped For Something All Around
 I Looked Up And I Looked Down
 My Face Planted Into The Grassy Muddy Mounds
 I Thought I Was Falling Down
 But Now I See, Alice, Is Me,
 I Was Falling Up Towards You
 Into You Kind Arms
 I Was Letting Go Of Pain
 Slowly, Slowly Healing
 You Had Me In Your Arms
 I Was Floating Up Towards You
 Out Of This Side-Down Earth

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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