Engaged! Encaged!

Engaged! Encaged! 
 I Am Becoming Engaged!
 Body And Heart 
 Our My Husbands, 
 I’m His!
 He Is Me!
 For Him, Only I’ll Bear. 
 The Weight Of His Fears 
 His Body 
 His Heirs
 His Is I. 
 Resigned To His Company, His Time
 This Soul Is Vowed To Him,  
 Soul Eternal 
 Till Time And Time Again 
 Death Does Not Part.
 Engaged, Encaged,
 His Is I Am. 
 But He Is Not Mine
 Where Am I, Where’s My Say?
 Bound To His Sins 
 And He, My Salvation, Savior, 
 I, His Saint 
 Where Am I 
 It’s One In The Same. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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