I Live In The Valley

I Walk In The Valley 
 I Have Been Out And In 
 I Live In The Valley 
 I Help Them, And Lie Therein
 I Leave Not The Valley 
 Save For Respite 
 I Return To The Valley 
 By Day And By Night 
 I Walk In The Valley 
 For I Know Its Paths 
 I Sing In The Valley 
 To Guide Them Past The Voracious Wrath 
 Of A Jealous God 
 Who Wages And Economy Disguises Within A Fantasy 
 Cloaked In Misery And Mystery 
 Justifies Hunger And Insanity 
 Through Theories Of Wealth And Reaping
 I Love In The Valley 
 I Find It Most Clear 
 To Live In The Valley 
 With The Beings That Are Here 
 I Live In The Valley 
 And Transit Through Dreams 
 I Stay In The Valley 
 In The Night’s Suffering 
 I Cry In The Valley 
 Because I Know It Too Well 
 I Will Stay In The Valley 
 Only To Guide Those Within Out 
 There Are Those Residents Of Promised Lands
 Stained With Prosperous Blood 
 Theories Of Inheritance 
 And Spiting Cains Son 
 I Will Stay With Magdalene
 Amid Those Who Do Not Reap 
 The Curse Of Dreams 
 Lucid In Their Suffering 
 I Walk Through This World Awake 
 I Prefer This Suffering Then 
 The Fallacy Of Saints 
 Life Is Death 
 I Walk Through Purgatory 
 And Knowing Well The Pain It Be 
 Go Back To Help Those In The Deep
 For Rather Than Escape The Truth 
 Of The Painful Life We Lead 
 I Will Walk In The Sewage Of The Lands We Grieve 
 If Only To Help Ease Those Who Walk In The Valley Of The Suffering 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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