Moonlit Steps

Moonlit Steps 
 Into The Obscurity
 Blinding Darkness 
 Follow The Still Whisper Of A Voice Within 
 The Luminescence Lights Up Only A Step
 Look Down Towards The Blackness Of The Ground 
 The Squishy Mud 
 Fumble Through The Softness Of The Soil 
 Unto A Path Not Yet Know
 Only The Whispering Wind And The Stillness Of The Pine Trees 
 Chilly Air Envelopes Small Arms 
 Wonder To Where Is Destined 
 But The Voice Of A Child 
 Sweet And High Calls From Somewhere Far Across A Northern Sea 
 Do Move One Step 
 One Moonlit Step 
 And Follow The Beams And The Stars And The Light 
 In Prayerful Meditation 
 On Contemplation  
 Do Not Know Where To Go 
 But God Lights This Step 
 In This Fantastical Life  We Lead 
 In All The Sororities And Imagery And Poetry 
 We Are Only Small Beings
 Who Take Small Steps 
 Sometimes On Our Knees

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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