So You Don’t Think You Litter?

So You Don't Think You Litter?
 Why Thats A Damn Lie 
 We Pack Up Your Trash And Ship It Past Your Imperial Skies 
 Your Trash Goes To Burn In Malaysia 
 Burn The Lungs Of The Children With Cancer While Your In Fantasia 
 Your Clothes Don't Compost 
 They End Up In Fish 
 Microfiber Pollutants 
 That Make Us All Sick 
 You Consume Meat 
 But That Meat Was A Being 
 And We Killed It In The Way Most Horrifically 
 Your Makeup-
 The Mica Is Harvested By Children Neigh 8 
 Your Sparkles Come At The Cost Of Their Mining S
 Your Supply Chains 
 Contact Out To Sweat Shops 
 You Sponsor The Destruction Of Cultures And Cater To Sweatshops 
 While Your Child Has A Childhood- 
 Luxurious And Full 
 Your Consumption And Your Blind Spending 
 Buy The Slavery Of Old 
 You Litter All The Time

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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