Standby To A Drowning

Standby To A Drowning 
 In Training They Reach You To Spot And Act.
 If Someone Is Drowning You Have To React. 
 Because Sometimes They Flap And Sometimes They Flail. But Sometimes They Just Stare And Don't Want The Help. Their Legs Are Just Tired And They've Quit Getting Out. And They Can Slip Under Just Slip And Their Gone. But If Someone Is Drowning You Have To Jump In And Get Them A Blanket Some Space And A Footing. You Give Them To A Medic And Drain Out The Salt Or Chlorine. But You Don't Let Them Drown You Don't Let Them Be. 
 But You Stood Beside Her 
 When Fell In
 And The Hole Filled With Water
 And Got Very Dim.
 And Looked High Above
 To The Land On The Shore
 And You Started Down At Me
 And Asked Why She Fell In. 
 She Gave Up Splashing
 Got Ever So Thin. 
 And She Looked Up At You
 And You Looked Down At Her. 
 She Got Very Tired
 And Stopped Wanting To Breathe. 
 But Then She Kept Floating
 And It Kept Pouring And Storming
 And The Water Came Past The Line Of The Hole And She Crawled Out. 
 Pruning Shaking Heaving
 And She Ran Away. 
 Now She Now Hates Those Eyes
 Those Blue Eyes That Glared Soft Above. 
 It's Fine Weather Up Here. 
 It's Really Quite Grand
 How Are You Struggling? 
 It's So Pretty On Land! 
 So She Ran From The Eyes
 To The Desert She Ran. 
 Where No Storm Could See Her
 But Sometimes When You Touch Her Shake And She Heaves
 And The Scars Of Her Tissue Asphyxiated She Can Not Breathe
 She Still Hear The Rainfall
 She Still Feels The Hole
 And She Remembers You Watching Above 
 Watching Down Below 
 Her Own Samaritan, The Poet 
 The Priest, The Stranger, And The Prophet Walked Bye 
 Looked Her Blue In The Eyes.
 And Then Passed Her By.
 And Visions She Sees
 For Her Lungs Are Quite Worn
 Of The Water That Seeps Into Insomniac Dreams. 
 Swollen And Seething. 
 Stare Back Straight At Thee
 She Don't Want To See You
 Just Let Her Be. 
 Though You Are Re-Born Into Somebody New. 
 You Still Have Those Blue Eyes
 And She Knows That You Knew
 Because You Spotted Her Drowning She Knew That You Knew.  
 If You See Someone Drowning
 You Have To Jump In
 Or You Call For Someone Who Knows How To Swim
 You Give Them A Rope, A Boat, Or Some Wood But You Don't Watch Them Drown
 When They Don't Know How To Swim. No It Is Not You Who Put Them In A Hole. But If You See A Hole Filled With Water And A Person Inside Don't Watch Them Drown Just Pull Them Out 
 And Then Call For Help. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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