Symbols Reconstructed

Symbols Reconstructed 
 And Pronouns Now Removed 
 The Meaning Of Those Visions That Which Were Not Singular But Elements Of Existence Shared, 
Some fantasies 
Some fantasies 
Some Truths.

 Eliminated Conjunctions 
 Repeated Phrases 
 And Vague Verbs 
Symbols Now Reconstructed 
 To Be Returned To Earth 

 Gossamer Threads Of Clarity 
 Now Spun Silk Into The Mystery 
 That Which Must Be Dug 
 To Be Unearthed 
 And Re-Spun 
 To Know Their Spirit And Their Worth 

 No Pronouns 
 Or Repetition 
 Singularity Destroyed 
 Addition Of Imaged Imbued. 
 From Which They Given Are Now Returned. 
 And Structured Retroactively 
 Hidden Sources 
 Hidden Mirth

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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