The Curse Of A Virgin

The Curse Of A Virgin.
 Because You Saw It Lightly
 And My Heart You Did Profane 
 Because You Caused Me Jealousy 
 Because You Caused Me Pain
 May All The Lips You Taste Be Acrid 
 May Your Breath Be Putrid And Unclean 
 May You Never Orgasm
 May You Never Feel So Clean
 May Girls Not See Your Beauty
 Nor Your Eyes Reflect Your Youth 
 Because You Played A Virgin
 A Ransom Must Be Paid 
 By The Angels Divination 
 The Invocation Of Chaste Artemis
 On This Sabbath Day-
 I Do Declare-
 May You Never Feel Between Your Legs 
 May All The Girls You Meet Be Frigid
 Their Hands Be Solid Cold
 May They All Tremble Beneath You
 And Feel A Frigid Omn
 May All Your Kissed Be Envenomed
 Until You Learn To Truly Love
 You'll Have No Luck With Woman 
 You'll Never Please The Girls You Sleep With
 You'll Leave Them All Displaced 
 Because You Spurned A Virgin Heart And Hymen 
 By Hestia Endowed   
 May You Never Burn 
 Till This Curse Is Broken
 By God And God Above
 And His Guardian Angels  
 By God And God Above
 Who Feels All The Tears I Shed
 I Pray That You Will Wear My Tears
 That They Shall Grease Your Head
 I Curse You So 
 To Feel My Cuts
 And Always Feel The Blood You Broke Upon Your Bed
 I Curse You So:
 Your Next Love Makes You Feel Unwanted
 May You Never Please A Woman
 May You Sleep With No Respite
 Until You Seek My Pardon
 Only Then Will You Have Peace Or Light 
 I Pray Will All The Demons
 I Pray With All The Saints
 That You Will Feel The Wrath Of God
 I Pray You'll Have No Sanity
 I Pray You'll Have No Grace
 I Curse You To Remember
 I Curse You To Forget
 Any Other Woman Beside Me In Your Bed
 Because You Took A Virgin
 And Unrequited Took Her In
 You're Cursed To Of The Loins And The Heart. 
 Dammed Is The Man
 Who Takes When He Pleases
 Dammed Is The Man Who Loves Without Reason
 Dammed Is The Man
 Whom God He Not Praises
 Dammed Is The Man
 Who With Me Has Played

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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