When Evil Men With Bibles In Hand

When Evil Men With Bibles In Hand 
 Roam Down The Streets Of Rome
 When Big Churches 
 Preach Prosperity 
 And God Has No Femininity 
 When Love Is Banned 
 And Rights Restricted 
 And Thoughts Are Ordained By Imperial Visions
 No Heeding Need Be Given 
 To Revolt The Evolution Of Your Evil Revolutions
 Cerebral Divinities Around Us 
 Mask Those Secure Of Their Lines
 When Others Hunger In Silence 
 Only With Them, Beside Them 
 Lay Smiles So Intimate 
 Joy Is The Companion 
 Of Diligent Hands
 That Feed Brothers 
 Masked Not By Infrequent Marks 
 But By Daily Occurrence 
 Heed Not The Book 
 That Speaks No Error 
 When Possessed By Powerful Men 
 Distribution, Domination 
 Complicit Within 
 When Market Economies Allow Also For Sleep 
 While Sisters Stay In Sweatshops 
 And Brothers In Dessert Heat
 Rest Not Ye Rich People 
 In Comfort Of Goodness
 Sleep Complicit 
 When Wages, Wars, And Kingdoms 
 Deny The Presence Of Others
 And Work Against Difference 
 Then,Vote Not For Their Decrees
 When Battle Is A Metaphor 
 But So Also Is Religion 
 Confirm Me Not To The Pope
 Confess Me Not To Those Misgiven 
 Simplified Madness And Complex Systems 
 Are Easier To Understand Within Binary Codes Of Behavior And Cognition 
 In Their Fullness Of Confounding Variables 
 The Servers Do Not Ascertain 
 Much Easier Are Answerers With Simplicity 
 Much Kinder Religion
 When Men Hold Bibles In Their Right Hands.
 And With The Other Fire And Gas
 Follow Not Their Credences 
 Eat Not Their Leavened Bread
 Far Be It From Me-
 Silent Killer Of The Masses
 Complicit Riches 
 While Starving 
 Others Are Exploited Upon The Same Systems
 Of Your ‘Prosperity’ 
 Shall We Live Amongst The Pharisees 
 And Commune With Their Hypocrisy 
 Rather I, With Irreverent Rhymes, 
 Will Be A Friendless Being 
 To The Empire, To The Market, And To Cross Of Genocides 

Unlearn who you think God is. God should not reflect the market (wages of sin, price paid, exchange), nor binaries (heaven/hell, black/white, life/death, right/left, wrong/right) in a world with so much complexity. God should not represent the patriarchy, nor the military, nor jealousy (jealous god, fear God). Be weary when God represents more the politics and principles of the rich than the poor or oppressed.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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