At 3Am In The Farthest Room

At 3Am In The Farthest Room 
 A Voice Murmured Suddenly And Woke The
 Studied Stupor
 In The Farthest Room Of The House 
 A Light Still Flickered 
 There Sat The Student 
 With Books Of Verses And In A Sudden Glimmer The Ceiling Did Quake 
 And A Moth Shook Her Out Of The Daze
 At The Third Hour Of Dawn Or Of Dusk’s Bridge To The Newest Most Day 

 In The Stillest Of Hours
 And The Spirit Did Come 
 And Started The Book Near Most  Abreast 
 As In The Stillness Of Lunar’s Veiled Rays 
 And Underneath The Artifice Of Man’s Light Of Day 
 And In Flew A Moth From The Eastern Most Shaft 
 Where In Came The Creature Of Crepuscular Nascent 
 And Flew Into The Light Above The Altar 
 Above The Cross 
 It Flew Into The Light Away From Mine View 
 At 3 Am In The Farthest Most Room 
 In The Small Chapel 
 In The Room With The Green Gray Fabric Rug 
 In An Old House Built In 1942.

 In The Farthest Of Rooms   
 With A Book of Verse 
 And A Cross 
 And A Moth 
 Lone Sate She  
 In The Farthest Most Room

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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