Clothed To Conquer Chaos

Clothed To Conquer Chaos
 The Flowers Of The Field  
 Flooded Glitter Iris  
 Golden Clovers  
 Honeysuckle Swirls  
 Gleaming Petals Resemble Velvet 
 To Offset Boldly The Storms That Come 
 White Shadows On The Lavender 
 Know Of The Blue That Beams Behind 
 For Underneath The Velvet Silk Or Satin Clothed Wildflowers  
 Their Roots Conceal Their Tremors 
 When The Rain Or Frost Is Strong  
 They Have Seen Ravens Come To Pray On The Creatures Of The Field 
 Sunshine Is Their Nourishment 
 More Beautiful Than Glitter Or Than Paint
 Clothed To Conquer Chaos 
 Reminders That Rain Is Food 
 And The Sun Will Shine Again
 They Don Their Lovely Colors 
 Despite The Din, Den, Doom.    

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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