In The Eleventh Hour

Whether We Are Musicians, Artists, Mathematicians, Geneticists, Accounts, Farmers, Freeloaders, Or Bee Keepers. If We Do Not Take A Stance Against The Wrongs Of Our Society: Hatred, Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Sexism, Ageism, Abel-Ism Etc. Then We Are More Than Complicit We Are Convicted Of Nourishing A System In Which Harms The Inhabitants (Animals, Spirits, Bodies, Trees, Waters) and the Elements Where We Reside.

An Invasive Weight Falls Upon Those Who Feel 
 When All Waking Life Is Sorrow 
 And All Slumber Is Fled 
 We Talk To Our Shadows And Learn From Our Past 
 We Write Poems Of Resistance Against Those Whom Bring Fear 
 Produce Art In The Chaos-
 To Known We’re Still Here. 

 In The Eleventh Hour 
 When The Window Seem Sealed   
 And The Doors Shut 
 If Today Be The Last Hour  
 If Tonight Is Our Last Night  
 Beg Not For The Moment 
 Stand Up And Fight!
Fight For The Broken-
 For The Wrongs That Aren't Right 
 Fight Against Hatred 
 Fight Against Fear 
 Fight Against Wages 
 And Fight Against Tears 
 Fight Against Sorrow 
 And Prosperity Too 
 When Wealth Is The Cost 
 Of The Souls That Are Doomed 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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