In This Criminal Factory- Named Society

In This Criminal Factory- Named Society 
 Constantly In Pain 
 Destroying Our Soil, Our Water, Our Air 

 Don't Be Afraid 
 Indeed  Are All Going Quietly Insane
 For Insanity Is Sanity 
 This Is Not Reality 
 That Should Be Accepted So Submissively

 Take In The Energy
 The Stares
 And The Blood That Hangs In The Air 
 Like The Smell Of A Rug That Has Rotted For Years
 Beneath Soil 
 Beneath Mud 
 Beneath Tears 
Our Bodies Are Breaking 
 And So Our Our Hearts 
 When Our Sisters And Brothers Are Enchained  
 We Have Not The Right To Sidestep And Be Sane

 It Is Those Who Seem Sane 
 That Neglect Their Own Soul 
 How Can We, Less Wicked We Be, 
 Delight In Our Wealth, Our Heirs, Our Profits, Our Fairs 
 While Still More, We Watch Those Starve 
 With Designer Symbols On Our Arms?

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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