The peony bears a

treacherous flag
So now we'll dye her indigo
Fierce And Strong And Sad

Her Whiteness
Steals Through The Moonlight
Like Violets Breaking Through The Crags.
She Wants To Dye them Indigo
She Wants To Dye them Black
So You'll See That her Flowers Stand With
The Darkness Of This Land

Treacherous are those Who Stole A Garden Not their Own
And then Named The Natives Weeds.

Betraying Half Of Who She Is
They'll See The Contrast Sharper
If Though Half she is the Moons Brightness it's Whiteness And The Other Half his Darkness

Rather she would have you See The Part
That Resembles more of her
And Why Shouldn't These Petals Be Darker?
Darkened With Grief
From The Pain That This Garden Causes?
When the Cutter Steals Through The Night
Pruning The Blades Of Grass

Her Roots Entwined With
Her Friend Flower Whose Weeping
For Her Florets Forlorn Away
She's Weeping For The Pines Now Laid.
Who Did Not Have The Strength She Has Today

Drown The Sunshine Petals-
Pale And Pure
Absence Of Color

To Show Her that she Loves Her
Let her Wear In her Roots The Colors She Bears
In Her Dewdrops And Indigo dyed Petals shared

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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