No You Shan’t Kiss Me With Dripping Lips

No You Shan’t Kiss Me With Dripping Lips 
 Of Fermented Vines And Bitterness. 
 No You Shan’t Touch My Shoulders Soft, 
 When Your Raisin Lips, Drugs Do Impart. 
 I Don’t Share Your Compliments, 
 That Come From Mead Or Rum. 
 Tell Someone Else Your Coquetries, 
 Go Find Another Dove. 

 Remove Your Fingers From My Wrist 
 Remove Your Tender Cuff 
 Don't Stare At Me With Dampened Eyes
 Reddened By Your Biting Lies. 
No You Shan’t Touch My Breasts A-Beat With Life And Song And Mystery
 Wake From Your Slumber 
 Wake From Your Dream 
 Live A Life Alive On Wings 
 Need Not Your Liquor 
 To Make Mine Heart Beat Quicker 

 You Shan’t Kiss Lips Asleep
 A Fleeting Charming Memory 
 But Thou That Press Mine Rosy Lips And Look Into These Darkened Eyes 

 If You Shall See This Soul 
 Words And Silent Lights
 If You Should See The Whole Of Me
 Then You May Kiss And Sleep With Me 
 Onto The Dawn And Day Draws Near 
 And We Shall Tell Each Other Stories That Heavy Heart Bears 

 Yes You May Kiss My Lips 
 The One Who Knows 
 My Words Songs Stories Depths 
 The One Who Stares Into My Eyes 
 And Deems My Faith Adept 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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