Stand Up!

Stand Up! 
 Stand Up! 
 Stand Up! 
 Your Head  
 Your Step  
 Your Heart  

 One Step  
 Two Steps  

 Your Work  
 Your Your Head  
 Your Productivity 
 Get A Needle And A Thread A Bandage And The Cream.  

 Wake Up.  
 Stand Up.  
 Move It.  
 Get The Stitches.  
 Stop The Bloodied Leak.  

 Your Room  
 Your Hair  
 Your Desk  

 Your Face  
 Your Frown  
 Your Fears  

 Give In:  
 To The Sunlight  
 To The Moonlight  
 Your Dreams.  

 Keep On:
 Walking, Moving, Breathing, Eating  
 Sleeping, Singing, Praying, Being . . .

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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