Languages Scrambles 
 Atonal Drone  
 Misapprehended Intentions
 No Wisdom Within Our Connections 
 Walking Beside
 Those Who Know 
 And Repeat Lies 
 That Kill 
 And That Breed. 
 Unprocessed Data 
 Misspoken Rhymes 
 Computational Errors 
 Breaking The Code
 Scripts Already Proven Rote 
 Dependent On Creeds 
 Already Abandoned 
 Servor Unreached 
 Not Found 
 Lingocentric Predicament
 Access Denied
 This Login 
 Is Fraudulent 
 For The Servors Denied 
 The Scipt Is An Error
 The Codes Are All Lies
 Tell Not Truths In The Darkness 
 Or No Light Will We Find.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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