Careful I’m A Broken Person

Careful I'm A Broken Person
When You Touch Me
I May Be Bleed
Careful When Your Caress My Hair
For It May Fall
And I May Weep
Careful When You Look Too Close
At The Scars Upon My Thighs
Careful When You Hold Me Close
My Ribs Are Bruised Inside
Careful If You Look Too Deep
Into My Amber Eyes
You Just Might See Old Baltic Seas, Salt Yards, And Fear Abide
Careful If You Squeeze My Breasts
Sore And Tender Still
Careful If You Put You In Mine
At Your Will
My Womb Is Still
My Heart Is Tilled
My Pain Sun-Told
Pain, I Have Not Processed Yet
Pain That Waits Within The Throughs

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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