Mary Oliver, Save Me

Mary Oliver, 
How I Wish I Had The Courage To Run Away
As You Did Into The Forests And Eating Blackberries
And Filling My Hunger With Poems And Songs
But Instead I Lie Here
With A Pounding Head
And The Hairs Of My Ears
Crumbled And Stressed
And The Heavy Weight Of My Jaw
And The Length Of My Head

Instead, I Wait Here In These Steel Buildings
With The Freedom To Leave
But Having Been Captive So Long
I Know Not Where Lies The Key
And I Rest In The Day And Wake In The Night

Mary Oliver- Save Me!
For In These Buildings I’ve Lost The Key
I’ve Lost The Will To Leave
Because Outside Is Raining
And The Dumpster Smells And Seeps Into The Pavement

I Am Afraid Of The Sun
And No More Do I Dance
No More Do I Sing
And The Sadness In Entrenched In My Poetry
Entombed And Encrypted In The Silence Of Bygone Songs
Composed In The Light
And Ceased In The Night.
Mary Oliver Show Me How To Write
Show Me How To Leave

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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