Our Bodies Are Not Vessels For Your Pleasure

 Our Bodies Are Not Vessels For Pleasure
 In And Out
 You Can't Just Click Us
 Buy On Amazon
 Forget The Shipping And Handling Fees
  Body  Not Free
 There's A Price For Virginity
 You Can't Just Have 
 Men, Were Not A Door
 In Which Cares Not Who Enters Nor Who Leaves
 Can't Just In And Out Me 
 And Leave Me Just To Be
  Body's Not A Product
 It's Not Meant To Be Used And Cast Aside.
  Not Supposed To Treat Me Like A Product
 And Scan Me With Your Eyes
 I Lips And Hips And Sparkles
 A Mind And Ration Too
 This May Not Be A Big Deal For You
 But For It Is And That's Valid Too
 No Not An Object
 And Not A Song
 Body Wasn't Designed For A Border That Makes You Feel Big And Strong
 You Don't Just Leave A Person
 That Is Just Plain Wrong
 You Can't Just Ignore Me
 Not A Glass Of Water
 Nor Something To Consume
 So If You Want To Use Me
 Then Go Alone Back To Your Room

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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