The Young Girl Danced Against The Dawn. 
 Her Long Honeyed Hair Twirled In The Cool Breeze 
 She Had In Her Coffee Drenched Hands 
 A Bunch Of Billowing Daisies 
 That She Laid Beside The Prairie Grasses
 And The Mint Dipped Sprouts On The Evergreens. 
 As The Dandelions Swayed Sprightly 
 Scattering Their Wishes Across  
 Dusty Winding Roads
 She Heard The Melodic Calls Of The Robin, The Jay And The Green-Crested Ebony.
 But, Alas, There Were No Birds, 
 But Boys Calling From The Cliffs.
 The Wind Whispered Amidst The Amber-Maiden Fair
 Raindrops Graced Her Barren Breasts
 And The Sunlight Concealed The Surreal Shadows 
 As The Thunder Roared And The Crickets Creak 
 As Souls Swelled With The Sea 
 And Songs Fell With Each Shifts

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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