The Garden’s Glimmering Attire

The Garden’s Glimmering Attire 
 Eyes Of Sparkles 
 The Last Crystal Remnant Of Cries Now Cried Unforgotten. 
 In Honor Of Her Colors
 Bright Speckles Of Light. 
 Reminders Of Brilliant And Unquiet Nights. 
 The Sparkles That Glimmer 
 Betrayer Of Dreams. 

 Forever The Plastic That Brighten A Face.
 Hence Heavenward.
 The Luminous Radiance That Brings Peace
 Underneath The Present Eyes
 Hides Horrid Sadness That Slowly Should Die.
 For Against Brilliant Colors
 Breezes Flow Forth 
 And Breath Burst Out Alive!
 We Shall Grow Only Beauty Inside against Fragrant Hues 
 Can Stand Not The Sorrow Nor Yield To Sues..
 Though A Thief In The Night
 Scattered Drops That Shown Light And Saw Not Fear
 For Against The Red Rose 
 That Bright The Pallid
 The Eyes Shown Forth Their Might.

 Color Shatters The Dullness 
 Shatter The Sullen 
 Did Break Down This Fear And This Grief That Stole Through The Night.
 Wear Sparkles And Colorful Eyes. 
 And See Into The World A World More Of Light. 
 Find Within It The Beauty. 
 Find Within It More Brilliance 
 More Light.
 Specks Of Tones And Of Pastel And Various Blends
 Have Specks In Eyes See Not Clearly Therein. 
 Radiant  Rosy Teal And More Blue.
 Donning An Emblem That Should Be Long Gone.
 Seeing More Roses
 More Sun Beams More Moon.
 Refuse To Resent The World That May Muddier Be 
 And See The World Rather In Strange Twinkles And Gleams.

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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