The Interconnection Of Poetry And Music

 Music Gives To Poetry What Mere Words Are Not Capable Of.
 The Semantics Of Music Are Subjectively Incommunicable,
 Yet The Highest Form Of Language.
 Poetry Is The Language Of The Skilled,
 But Music Is The Language Of The Cosmos,
 Since Pitches Existed Before Syllables,
 Explanations Within Poetics Are Enhanced By Musical Devices 
 Musical Text Are Indeed Literary Events
 Music Serves The Verse As Much As The Verse Serves The Music.
 And Both The Music And Ourselves Serve One Another,
 For We Are All Connected To A Grand Cosmos Of Symphonic Gestures And Events.
 Music Lends Understanding, But Never Full Conscience Of The Mysteries Of The Galaxies. When Words And Symbols Commune With Pitch-
 Mutable Verse And Immortal Music Form Something Of The Divine

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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