The Year Without Song/Listening

I Spent A Year Speaking 
 Singing Dancing Writing Poetry 
 And Now It Seems I Have Not Learned To Listen 
 And This Year 
 Forced To Listen And Comprehend 
 The Ideas Of Others 
 And Not My Own In My Head
 Is This Punishment Of Reading That Which I Have Not Chose 
 A Result Of My Crimes 
 Of Being Too Self-Endowed?
 Was I Too Self Possessed 
 That Now This Year I Cry 
 But Do Not Sing Nor Speak 
 And To Silence I Suffer 
 And In The Poems And The Letters 
 Am I Forever To Knead?
 How Long Must I Listen Till This Lesson Is Learned
 And Without Comprehension 
 To Fail In These Terms?

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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