There Is A Monster Inside The City

There Is A Monster Inside The City  
 A Monster Unsecured 
 A Beast 
 A Darkness  
 That Keeps Consuming 
 Gnarly Thing 
 It Grows Within Us All 
 Feeding It Each Day
 The Shadow Of Consumption, 
 And Of Judgment
 Consuming Day-By-Day 
 It Waves Its Ugly Head  
 Until We Feed It Or Lead It Away. 
 Let It Not Grow That Crazen Creature
 Deafen’d Too Love
 The Sounds Grow And Grow  
 The Monster That's Inside Us All
 A Shadow Of Eden’s Fallen Souls.  
 Run From This Energy Within  
 It Whispers In A Veiled Voice  
 The Shadows Sordid Soaked  
 That It Will Drown The Depths Of All  
 Drag And Not Awoke

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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