This Music Bites

This Music Bites 
 Its Strident And Crude
 But Wakes Up A Body
 With Its Atonal Tunes
 It Scratches
 Like Knives On A Board 
 It Cuts You 
 Into Segmented Seventh Chords
 It Hurts You 
 It Chills You Inside 
 I Like That I Feel It 
 It Takes Tears That I Cry
 Its Alive
 I Detest The Classics 
 With Their Soft Violins 
 Their Smooth Stillborn Strings 
 With Their Perfect Parallel Wings 
 I Deplore The Viola With Her Velvet Vibrato
 She Puts Me To Sleep 
 In My Soul Nothing Echoes
 I Hate Her Voice With Its Bel Canto Feel
 I Hate Her Fond Formants
 They Crinkles My Ears 
 I Detest The Clarinet
 Which Gives Me Regret
 With Its Vanilla High C’s And Its Creamy E’s And Flat B’s 
 Give Me The Strident 
 That Which Gives My Soul Guidance
 When Anguish And Languish Are Residents Of A Soul 
 Then That Which Is More Vibrant 
 Is The Song That Brings Soul-
 Lace’d In Bitter Cacophonous Tunes 
 The Serial Sequences 
 Bring Me Home To The Pews. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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