Ugly Flower

Ugly Flower 
 Grown In Dirty Soil 
 With Petals Wilted 
 Duddling Seed 
 Planted By Winds Which Whispered 
 At The Time Which Appeared The Bluest Of Moons.
 And Caries The Worthless Spring 
 Free From The Violent Grasp 
 Of A Flippant Uprooting, Pluck, Or Cut  
Fragile Flower, 
 Withhold And Restrain They Hearts Emotive Memory 
 Dictator Of The Head 

 Fragile Gentle Frame 
 Ossified Pith, And Calcified Dew
 Soft And Laxen Stems 
 Release Those Bygone Fears   
 Fresh Vision 
 Let Us Care More Properly For Each Flower
 Binding The Holes Of Ourselves And Of The ‘Other’.  

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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