What Will Remain When The Music Fades?

What Will Remain 
 Now That The Music Fades From Me?
 For Although The Sound Still Pulsates Through These Blue Veins 
 And Although No Other Reason Remains 
 Silent, These Chords Remain. 

 Forgive Me-
 What Crime Have I Committed 
 That All In This Life Is Taken From Me 
 And With Debts Only 
 Gifts Be Given?

 What Stays When No More Meaning Have I 
 Not That Treason I've Committed
 Against My Own Eyes 
 For Each Day I Don't Sing 
 Is A Day That I Rhyme 
 And More To The Madness 
 An’ Silent With Time 

 Forgive These Rhymes Pained 
 And For The Pronoun Of I 
 But What Remains Of The Living 
 When Silent They Lie?

 What Remains Of The Living 
 When Dying We Wake 
 And The Music Within Us Refuses To Wake?
 Waiting I Am For The Time To Sing Again 
 But Waiting In Silence 
 For A Moment Long Gone?

 Forgive These Rhymes Pained But What Else Have I Left 
 When The Music Within Me 
 Was What I Had Kept
 And Now I Am The Victim 
 Of Identity Theft 

 I Know Not My Face, My Eyes, Nor My Friends 
 And All That I Was Has Faded With Time 
 Pray God Let These Pains Die 
 For The Music Has Gone
 And No Longer Do I Wish 
 To Waste Paper With Rhymes. 

Published by Silent Singer

The Silent Singer

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